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write your opening remarks, describe the weather, & say where
you're staying. (greetings from it's we're staying
write the name of the festival, say when it is & what usually happens.
(it's here now. people celebrate it every . they and
describe what's happening now/what you are doing (at the moment
people are . i'm/
write your closing remarks. (see you next week.)
(your first name). , сделайте в настоящем времяни.​

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1.yes it is. we keep there our potatoes.

2.there are 4 rooms. there are 2 rooms upstairs and 2 rooms downstairs. no, we don't.

3.my house made from bricks. no, there aren't.

4.yes, there are. no, there isn't.

5.yes it is. yes i do. 

6.the ceilings are high. yes it is.

7.yes, it is. we keep them in the big room.

8.yes, it is. 

9.yes, there are. yes, it is.

10.yes, it is.

11.the rooms are cluttered.

12.yes, we do.

13.yes, we do.

14.my father is.

15.it looks like the palace on the ourside. yes, it is.

16.no, it isn't.

17.yes, it is.

18.no, we aren't.

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3) полянка-поле вот ответ 
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the mariinsky palace was built by emperor nikolay i for his daughter maria as a gift to her wedding with the duke maksimilian lejhtenbergsky. maksimilian was eugenie dе bogarne's son who was napoleon's stepson. wedding was on 5th december in 1838. the place for this palace was chosen opposite the isaakievsky cathedral, on the bank of the ekaterina channel. before there was tchernyshev's house there. the emperor wanted to build a palace which would differ from others. this palace should become the standard of comfort of that time. the builders used modern technical decisions and applied the modern building materials.

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