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4complete the sentences with these words. [6 points]
employees, salary, close down, set up, application, take on
my parents 1) a new business last month. they only have four 2) so they have to 3) more work until they hire more staff. i work there as well and my parents give me a 4) it’s not a lot of money but it is good experience for me. we need more help so we handed out 5) forms for people to fill in. i really hope the business does well and we do not have to 6)

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Ilike summer. the weather is usually warm. sometimes it is hot.  the sky is blue.the sun is shining. we can swim and dive. i usually ride my bike. and there are no lessons in summer. we have holidays. я люблю лето.погода обычно теплая. иногда бывает жарко. небо голубое. светит солнце. мы можем плавать и нырять. я обычно катаюсь на велосипеде. и у нас нет никаких уроков летом. у нас каникулы.
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2) - their  office  hours don't begin  at 9 o'clock.

when do their  office hours begin?

3) - mr. bell isn't busy all day.

is mr.bell busy all  day?

4) - there aren't any cables on the table.

are there any cables on the table?

5) - she can't translate some letters from english into russian.

can she translate some letters  from  english into russian?

6) - he doesn't have any offers  fron bell& co.

does he have any offers from bell& co.

7) - mr. smith hadn't  bought several machines  from green& co by  june 2005.

had mr. smith bought  several  machines  from green& co  by june  2005?

8) - they weren't reading french newspapers yesterday at 5 o'clock.

when time were they reading french newspapers?

9) - the engineers didn't meet any inspectors  a week ago.

did the engineers  meet some inspectors  a week ago?

10) - we haven't received five enquiries from blake& co yet.

have we already  recieved five enquiries  from blake& co?

11) - they haven't  a lot of  offices in london.

do they have a lot of  offices  in london?

верная грамматика.

поставь "лучшее решение", если несложно.

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1. we don't speak

2. she provides

3. we have

4. peter doesn't answer

5. he goes

6. my parents operate

7. you are

8. she doesn't visit

9. we work

10. we have


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1) set up

2) employees

3) take on


5) application

6) close down

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