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4complete the sentences with these words. [6 points]
employees, salary, close down, set up, application, take on
my parents 1) a new business last month. they only have four 2) so they have to 3) more work until they hire more staff. i work there as well and my parents give me a 4) it’s not a lot of money but it is good experience for me. we need more help so we handed out 5) forms for people to fill in. i really hope the business does well and we do not have to 6)

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текст на открытке другу из курорта

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i want to tell you about rabbit.he goes to school on monday,wednesday,friday.he have at school only 5. he have at school a lot of friends. he have at school 4 or 3 lessons . this is forest lesson, maths , forest loungvich and anothers. he is very good!

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we can buy fruit, vegetables,meat and fish.

2 are orange and yellow.

3 takes interviews and writes articles in the newspapers and magazines.

gives opportunities to earn money.

is very reliable.

can eat only plankton.

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1) set up

2) employees

3) take on


5) application

6) close down

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