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Назовите среду раствора пищевой соды​

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and why should we care about this?

i don't know how to get involved in that process.

i waited this long to get to know you and now you're leaving.

maybe he didn't want to get you down

my mother was always there to help out.

the teacher was furious and vowed i do not pass the exam.

we have to change it so that people have equal opportunity.

he looked nervous on the exam.

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если нужно использовать только формулу " i  " , то:

i can build a farmhouse.

i can go across the bridge.

i can dig in the garden.

i can ride a horse.

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1. how can i help you?

2. do you have warm mittens?

3. of course. do you have white and blue scarves?

4. how much does it cost?

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щелочная среда. я не уверен.

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