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9write a letter of application for a part-time job at a shop that sells computers. tell them why you think you should get the job. (100–140 words) [20 points]
the megabyte store is looking for young people willing to work
⦁ are you a student and want to earn some money?
⦁ can you work on saturdays?
⦁ are you a friendly person?
⦁ are you good with computers?
if you are interested please email a letter of application to mb@megabyte. com

use the following to help you with your letter:
⦁ use a greeting. (paragraph 1)
⦁ let them know why you are writing and where you saw the job advertised. (paragraph 1)
⦁ give information about all the items the advertisement mentions.
(paragraph 2)
⦁ use indirect questions to ask for more information. (paragraph 3)
⦁ end the letter politely. (paragraph 4)
⦁ sign off.

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what are the importantnews! ,whatbitter orange! ,whatan excitingthought! ,what beautifullong hair! ,what a fresh hair! ,anylargepotatoes,what a sweet carrot,anyunusual landscapes, any humid climate.

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відповідь: в дни перед фейерверком ночью дети делают парней. они показывают своих парней на улице и собирают деньги, чтобы заплатить


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1. my bag is as clean as hers.2.this book is as interesting as that one. 3.his brother is older than her brother. или his brother is older than hers.4. your mistakes are as bad as mine.
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. he doesn't like to drink wine.

2. what is  the paper made of?

3. reading is his favourite occupation.

4. my mother bought me  a blue ribbon.

5. this has always been my blue ribbon.

6. where is  the paper i was reading two minutes ago?

7. she was asked to deliver a speech at the reunion tomorrow.

8. tell him to buy  a tea for me and  a beer for my father.

9.a good knowledge of a foreign language is always a priority.

10.  is  a glass really made from sand?

11. there was  a flour everewhere in the kitchen .

12.an education is what he lacks at present.

13. is that piece of clothing made from  wool or  cotton?

14. when did he come into  a fortune?

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