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Do the quiz. mark the sentences
t (true) or f (false).

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people all over the world are fond of sport. sport activities are very important for the growing organism of a child. children showed not neglect this fact.

there are many sport clubs that they can join us. light athletics gives much opportunity to those who go in for it. it includes track field events: running, long-jumping, high jumping, discus throwing and others.

many children are fond of ball games: basketball, volleyball, football. they are so exiting. besides they are played all year round. children like to take part in the competitions to see who is the quickest, the strongest, who can jump best, who is the best swimmer or player. pupils in different classes hold competitions in different kinds of sport. many boys and girls show good results. all the competitions and games are very popular with the pupils. a lot of fans always come to watch them.

my favourite sport is basketball. basketball is a wonderful sport. it; s a good exercise too. it makes us strong and healthy.

to become a good sportsman you must train a lot. if you want to be good at something you have to work hard. practice makes perfect.

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1) who has discovered america?

2)  how they speak in italy?

3)  what doctor has precribed her?


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Утебя не приложен текст,отвечу на что смогу.

1. ——-
2. true (t)
4. false

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Nbsp;   составьте план . the united kingdom of great britain and northern ireland (the uk) is the official name of the state which is situated in the british isles. thus, "great britain" is often the same as "britain" and refers only to scotland, england and wales. the "united kingdom» or the "uk" includes northern ireland. it consists of four countries which are england, scotland, wales and northern ireland. you can see them on the map. their capitals are london, edinburgh, cardiff and belfast. the uk is an island state. the two main islands are great britain (where england, scotland and wales are situated) and ireland. northern ireland and the independent irish republic are there. the two islands are separated by the irish sea. the uk is separated from the continent by the english channel and the straits of dover. once the british isles used to be a part of the continent. the nearest point to europe is the straits of dover. the uk is also washed by the atlantic ocean in the north and the north sea in the east. everyone who was born in britain is british. people from england are english. people from scotland, wales or northern ireland are not english. they are scottish or scots; welsh and irish. people from scotland and wales don't like it when they are called english but they are british. more than 56 million people live in britain. many of them live in big industrial cities like london. manchester and liverpool, for example, are big industrial cities in the centre of england. but foreigners are often surprised by the fact that much of the land in britain is open country. there are many lonely hills, quiet rivers, deep lakes and farmlands especially in the south of the country. everyone in britain speaks english, but in some parts of scotland and wales people speak different languages as well. the welsh are especially proud of their language. they like to speak welsh, to sing songs in welsh and when you travel you can see road signs in welsh all over wales. everyone in the uk speaks english but they all speak it differently. a scottish person has to listen carefully if he wants to understand a londoner or a welsh person.

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