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все слова в скобках надо в past continus

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1) tanya isn't ten. she is eleven .

2) tanya and helen aren't sisters. they are friends.

3) they aren't from america. they are from britain.

4) helen isn't twelve. she is ten.

5) helen and her friend aren't in class 3 a. they are in class 4 a

6) their teacher isn't mr. lincoln. their teacher is mr. franklin.

7) he isn't from britain. he is from america.

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1. what do you read?

2. why are you always crying?

3. who is he?

4. where does he live?

5. when does your mother come home?


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ответ: i love to lie on a hammock in the summer

today, dad and i bought a rubber raft

tomorrow you need to make a cool box

i want my brother to give an inflatable balloon

my brother in america hang glider

i want to make a stylish, modern sink for the home


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1.did you buy the ticket?

2.the passengers who are going to liverpool please go to seventh platdorm.

3.do you know when does the train from oxford arrive? sorry i dont know.look at the time-table board, please .

4.how did you het to the railway station? we went by taxi .

5.where is your luggage?


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