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Как вы понимаете эту пословицу? (на ) it takes all sorts to make a world.

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  how long have you been trying to find a job?

for three years. it was really difficult.

how many jobs have you had?  

about thirty, maybe more i have been doing everything.

how long have you been standing here today?  

i have  been waiting since 8: 00 this morning, and i'm freezing.  





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можно было и фото кинуть: (

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And what about non-extreme sports, such as swimming? what is your favorite club? what's in your playlist? do you like scooters or videos like skate? what books are you reading now, what about fiction?
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перевод: люди всякие бывают; все люди разные

эквивалент в языке: о вкусах не спорят


the woman was wearing very strange clothes. it seems that it takes all kinds to make a world.

эта женщина носила странную одежду. все люди разные.

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