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2. переведите предложения, обращая внимание на форму прича- стия.
1. 2. 3.
4. 5.
the texts translated by the students were not very difficult.
when translating some new texts he usually wrote out all new words. if translated into russian, this article will be of great importance for
the text being translated by the students is not very difficult. having been written the letter had to be posted in the evening.
6. having passed the examination he joined a group of students who were standing in the corridor.
7. the engineers invited to our plant are well-known specialists.
8. being invited too late his friend could not come.
9. thelecturefollowedbyanexperimentwasinteresting. 10. when asked, the student answered very well.
11. ice melts when heated.
12. having solved this important problem, the scientist made a report.

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1.yes it is. we keep there our potatoes.

2.there are 4 rooms. there are 2 rooms upstairs and 2 rooms downstairs. no, we don't.

3.my house made from bricks. no, there aren't.

4.yes, there are. no, there isn't.

5.yes it is. yes i do. 

6.the ceilings are high. yes it is.

7.yes, it is. we keep them in the big room.

8.yes, it is. 

9.yes, there are. yes, it is.

10.yes, it is.

11.the rooms are cluttered.

12.yes, we do.

13.yes, we do.

14.my father is.

15.it looks like the palace on the ourside. yes, it is.

16.no, it isn't.

17.yes, it is.

18.no, we aren't.

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какая у меня будет профессия? где я буду жить? сколько денег я буду зарабатывать? буду ли я путешествовать? what shall i have a profession? where shall i live? how much money shall i earn? shall i travel? будут ли у меня животные? встречусь ли я со своими одноклассниками снова? много у меня будет друзей? что ждет моего брата? shall i have pets? shall i meet with my classmates again? shall i have a lot of friends? what will happen with my brother?

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1. next year ben will visit his english pen friend. - when will ben visit his english pen friend? 2. there are ten apple trees in his garden. -how many apple trees are there in his garden? 3. they go to the church on sundays. - where do they go on sundays? 4. there is a deep river near their farmhouse. - what is there near their farmhouse? 5. the farmer will ride his horse in the field in an hour. - who will ride a horse in the field in an hour?
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1)to organise (после want ставится to)

2)join (после can не ставится)

3)to quit (чтобы что? чтобы покинуть)

4)to move (то же, что и в прошлом)

5)to help (i'd like - мне бы хотелось, это значит более мягкую форму i want)

6)donate (частица будет лишней)

7)to protect (чтобы защитить)

8)cutting down (глагол преобразуется в герундий, дословно: вырубка)

9)to join (как в ситуации с would like to)

10)volunteering (герундий; волонтерство)




14)to care (want to)

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