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3mike didn't do it! read, write and correct him.
1 i climbed a big tree yesterday.
you didn't climb a big tree yesterday.
2 i washed my dad's car last saturday.
3 i walked in the park late at night.
4 i stayed at home all day yesterday.
5 i painted my room yesterday.​

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что женщина может держать в её руках?

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1) there isn't much milk in the fridge. lot - extra

2) how many fruit does he eat?   much - extra

3) there aren't any eggs in the box. some - extra

4) she hasn't got many hip hop cds. lot - extra

5) there's any soap in the bathroom. some - extra

6)your brother has got a lot of dvds. much - extra

7) how many apples is there in this bag? much - extra

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1. if you  try    to do   your   homework at the same time each day ,it  will become  a part   of   your   schedule.

2.if you  listen    to your teacher carefully at   scool , it  will give    you some ideas for   your homework.

3.it will help  you to do your homework properly if you  turn off  the television while you are doing your homework/

4.you  will remember  works   more   easily if you    read      them   aloud.

5. не просматривается

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