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er. use the phrases
6 activate work in pairs. ask and ans
questions about the weather. use the
in the box and words in exercises lane
today yesterday last weekend
tomorrow in winter / summer/ aut
spring / november
ummer / autumn/
6 lt
what's the weather like today?
it's hot and sunny today
what's the weather usually like in november
it's usually cold and there's sometimes f

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look! she  is feeding  the lions.  john never  wakes  up late.  monkeys are  climbing    trees.  bob and kelly  have  a piano leson every saturday.  why  are you laughing?     you  mustn t    eat in class.  you  must    clean your teeth every day.  you  mustn t  eat too much chocolate.  you  must    listen to your teacher.

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edinburgh  - capital of  scotland.  this is one  of the most  beautiful cities inbritain.  the heart  of edinburgh  -  a  1000  vintage  locks,  which  have lived for centuries  the kings of  scotland.  in edinburgh,  the cultural  rich life.

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yesterday i went th the park. i met my best friends there. it was sunny and frosty. we skied and skated in the park. we liked it very mach. we want to go to park next weekend, too.

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hi, fred!

i’m writing to describe my new school. it is located in 11 microdistrict in the vicinity of other high-schools. its building is not so old, i’d say, actually, it is pretty new comparing with the other schools in our neighborhood. it takes about 15 minutes to get to my school. that’s why its whereabouts is not so comfortable for me. however, this is the only drawback of my school.

my new class met me so cordially and pleasantly. all classmates are good clever guys. i’ve already made friends with two classmates. they appeared to be my neighbors as well.

the form-master is a highly-qualified educational specialist and also a kind woman who always helps her pupils if it’s necessary. she’s already become acquainted with my mother.

to be perfectly honest, i don’t regret about choosing this school.

write to me as soon as possible if you got any great news. i look forward to hearing from you soon.



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