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Put the words in the correct order to make questions. You need one form from the box for each question.

am /are /is

1 your / Ingrid / name
2 Spain / Isabel and Luis / from
3 a / you / programmer
4 Marketing / in / you and Tom
5 I / tomorrow / in / Room 16

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чтовы узнали одревнихйорке? проверьтепамять.1.чтоделаетпитер? 2.прибылйоркезнаменитым? 3.ктобыливикинги? 4.чтосделалвикинг-йоркисчезнет? 5.какделалиархеологи находятдревниедома? 6.чтоещеони нашли?

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1.i was sitting in front of the fire when they called out to me

2.i was getting the tea ready when there was a knock at the door

3.she was dusting the carpet when her cat knocked a vase off the table

4.we were finishing our tea  when  my mother came home from work.

5.they were going down the garden path when  she stopped and waved

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если тут надо составить предложения по типу, то так:   1) she will be able to walk in 6 mounts.

2) she will be able to talk in 2.5 years

3) she'll be able to tell stories in 4 years 

4) she'll be able to write letters in 5 years

  5) she'll be able to read in 3 years

6) she'll be able to do sums in 6.5 years 

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Is your name Ingrid?Are Isabel and Luis from Spain?Are you a programmer?Are you and Tom in Marketing?Am I in Room 16 tomorrow?

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