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3.Преобразуйте предложения в Past Simple, Past Perfect. 1.They start work at 9:00 every day. 2.He takes a shower has breakfast and goes to school. 3.He has taken his cat to the vet today. 4.She lives in Moscow. 5.Tom catches the train to work every morning. 6.He has cleaned his room today. 7.We have just tried to find tickets for the concert.

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i am really keen on muse.

muse is the british rock group. i like to listen to rock,but choosing from the whole rock world i prefer soft rock nowadays. i know a lot of old and modern songs and artists. but inspite of that i heard of muse just   two years, although they have existed for about 16 years. this group is from england, devoshire.

for the first time i heard their song called supermassive black hole that was used as an original soundtrack of twilight, part 1. muse are actually a representative of british alternative rock, but i like them now anyway even if i don't like loudy rock. though i really adore their unique talent. they are awarders and nominants of grammie, mtv awards an the like. long live the muse!

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i want to be a police officer +

when i grow up i want to be a police officer +

he doesn't be a police officer -

she doesn't be strong -

you mast be a police officer!

you must be teacher!


+ = повествовательное

- = отрицательное

! = побудительное

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man just can't help fiddling round with even the most basic technologies in order to make them better. as soon as something new is created, people, particularly scientists, inventors make efforts to make the life of humankind much more comfortable. automats, robots and complex machines were and still are created just to automatize technical processes, devices are constructed for domestic needs. there is some joke, or so-called people belief, that signs all the inventions that have already carried out by present and take place just because of man's laziness. i mean, they happen on earth because people want to make as less moves by hands and feet as possible. for example, men didn't want to jump and run every time to change tv channel, so they invented a remote-control station.


поставь "лучшее решение", если несложно простым кликом.

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1.They started work at 9:00 every day.

2.He took a shower had breakfast and went to school.

3.He had taken his cat to the vet

4.She lived in Moscow.

5.Tom caught the train to work

6.He had cleaned his room

7.We had tried to find tickets for the concert

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