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hello, my friend! how are you? i would like to speak about ukraine's newspapers and magazines. i think, sometimes they are very interesting, but sometimes they are very dull.

my favourite newspaper is ¨fakty¨. i like it because it is informative and contains interesting stories. what do you think about ukraine's newspapers and magazines? what is your favourite magazine? it is very important for me to know your opinion about it.  

see you soon,

твоё имя.

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she- ann, helen , mum,

he- bob, nick , ben,dad

it - clock,  box,tennis,stick, duck,

they - pets, pens, dogs,

  прилагательное - green ,

числительные -seven , ten

глагол -  see.

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люди беларусии любят спорт. президент беларусии также играет в хоккей.

Ответ разместил: dobromirovamar

469. There is

470. There is

471. There is

472. There are

473. There is

474. There are

475. There are

476. There are

477. There are

478. There are

479. There are

480. There is

481. There is

482. There are

483. There is

484. There are

485. There is

486. There are

487. There are

488,489,490 - There are

491. There is

492. There is

493. There are

494. There are

495. There is

496. There is

498. There are

499. There are

500. There are


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