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Будет ли ошибкой, если вместо "But I need to stay strong to BE free soon" сказать "But I need to stay strong to BECOME free soon"?

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1)there was one dog.

there were any books about dinosaurs.

2)there were many wild animals.

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1) he like big clocks too. (он любит большие часы тоже) 

2) he likes nice cats too. (он любит симпотичных кошек тоже) 

3) she likes funny rabbits too. (она любит смешных кроликов тоже)

4) she likes green crocodiles too. (она любит зеленых крокодилов тоже)

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1. they  translated  a difficult text yesterday.

2. i  opened  the window at six o'clock yesterday.

3.  did  you  go  to the cinema yesterday?

4. i  did not see  mike last week.

5, when i  opened  the door, my friends  were sitting  around the table.

6. when  did  you  begin  doing your homework yesterday?

7. we  were discussing  the latest news from three till four yesterday.

8. when i  read  the newspaper yesterday, i  found  an interesting article on ufos,

9. lena  swept  the floor on sunday.

10. lena  was sweeping  the floor from eleven till twelve on sunday.

11.  did  they  go  to the wood last sunday?

12, when they  were  sailing  down the river they  saw  a little island.

13. we  were working  the whole morning yesterday.

14. mother  was  cooking  dinner at three o'clock yesterday.

15. she  finished  cooking at four o'clock yesterday.

16. at half past four yesterday we  were having  dinner.

17.  did  you  watch  tv yesterday?   yes, we  were watching  tv the whole evening yesterday.

18. when  did  you  go  to bed yesterday?

19. i  went  to bed at ten o'clock yesterday.

20. at half past ten yesterday i  was sleeping.

21. when i  came  home from school yesterday, my little brother  was sitting  on the floor with all his toys around him. he  was playing  with them. i  told  him to put his toys into the box as he  was making  too much noise.

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1. i want you to tell me the truth.2. our teacher made us learn this rule by heart and now we are grateful to her.3. my father doesn't let me go out in the evening. it's not fair! 4. i heard she open the door, but i pretended to be asleep.5. the browns are not at home tonight. mike saw them leave earlier.6. i would like him to be my friend, but he is too cool.7. susan expected it to start this morning.

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