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1) Mr Potter repaired / had repaired his car yesterday. 2) Our grandma baked / had baked a carrot cake by 6 o’clock yesterday.

3) He wrote / had written an article by Monday morning.

4) Tim and Betsy had been / were in Peru three years ago.

5) Did you water / Had you watered the flowers the day before yesterday?

6) John read / had read a book by Agatha Christie by the 1st of November.

7) My brother had flown / flew to Berlin last spring.

8) The children cleaned / had cleaned the flat before their parents​

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Nice - хорошо.
4 буквы, 2 звука.
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1. why is he always laught at?

2. who was sent for the doctor?

3, the letters have    been already  posted, haven*t they?

4. whom was america discovered by?

5,will the exam be passed next week?

6. the money had been paid before the car was delivered

7. he called when the letter was being dictated.

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