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очень сильно буду благодарна: Раскройте скобки, употребляя глаголы в форме Past Continuous.
1. I (to read) a book at two o’clock yesterday.
2. They (to write) the test at this time yesterday.
3. He (to work) in the garden from two till five o’clock last Saturday.
4. We (to watch) television the whole evening yesterday.
5. You (to play) football at 6 o’clock last Sunday.
6. You (to drink) tea at seven o’clock yesterday.
7. He (to draw) from three till four o’clock last Sunday.
8. Our parents (to listen) to the radio at that time yesterday.
9. It (to rain) the whole day yesterday.
10. They (to skate) at three o’clock last Friday.
11. They (to play) chess when I saw them yesterday.
12. He (to sing) when I entered her room yesterday.
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a) helen's got a prestigious job

c) judy's going to adapt to the new conditions

e) ben's got access to the internet

просто тут несколько

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  like   -alike, similar, another,parallel, resembling, akin,cognate,possible,egual,peer.

interesting- looking, cunning,readable,hutty,sapid,amusing,interectin.  




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his hen can fly. - его курица может летать.

Ответ разместил: Suslik1111

1. was reading

2. were writing

3. was working

4. were watching

5 were playing

6. were drinking

7. was drawing

8. were listening

9. was raining

10. were skating

11. were playing

12. was singing

Ответ разместил: julia00221

1) was reading;

2) were writing;

3) was working;

4) were watching;

5) were playing;

6) were drinking;

7) was drawing;

8) were listening;

9) was raining;

10) were skating;

11) were playing;

12) was singing.

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