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Complete the sentences with the comparative form of the adjectives in brackets. 1 Which ocean is , the Atlantic or the Pacific? (wide)
2. Which planet is from the sun, Jupiter or Satum? (fa)
3 Which animals are dogs or dolphins. ((ntelligent)
4 Which country is ___ Russia or Canada? (big)
5 Which animals are cats or horses? (fast)
6 Which metal is gold or silvert (expensive)
7 Which is water or ice? (heavy)​

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i live not far from the sea. just 100 meters away. i live in a big house, overlooking the coast. i come here on vacation to grandma and grandpa. there are year-round warmth. i go swimming every day. after coming home and helping his grandmother with the housework. i go here every year and i really like it here



я живу не далеко от моря. всего в 100 метрах. живу я в большом доме, с видом на побережье. сюда приезжаю на каникулы к бабушке с дедушкой. здесь круглый год тепло. купаться я хожу каждый день. после прихожу домой и бабушке по хозяйству. езжу я сюда каждый год и здесь мне нравится 

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1.had an enormous impact

2. served as an example

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this book is worth reading. / it is worth reading this book.

this film is worth watching. / it is worth watching this film.

this food is worth trying (eating). / it is worth trying (eating) this food.

he is not worth inviting. / it is not worth inviting him.

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2.more far

3. more intelligent



6.more expensive

7. heavier

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1. wider

2. more far

3. more intelligent

4. bigger

5. faster

6. more expensive

7. heavier

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