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Английский составить предложения(5-6)​

Английский составить предложения(5-6)​

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1) the friends buy things for party at the shop.

2) the friends buy a cake, candles and a present.

3) they need the biggest cake.

4) they need the longest candles.

5) they need the coolest present. 

6) olga wants to buy the biggest cake.

7) kolya wants to buy the most expensive present.

8) alex wants to buy the lingest candles.

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  do you have a garden? - yes. we have a garden

do you often work in the garden? - sometimes i work in the garden but i don*t like it

do you plant trees every year? - no. i don*t. we have a lot of trees there. we don*t need to plant trees every year

do you have fruit trees and flowers in your garden? - yes. we have fruit trees: apple trees. pear trees. cherry trees. and plum trees and a lot of different flowers

do you enjoy working in the garden? - no. i don*t. i hate working in the garden

do you want to be a gardener? -no. i don*t want to be a gardener.

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ответ: my family is very friendly. it consists of five people: me, mom, dad, sister, and brother. my mother's name is elena. she does all the homework: she cleans, cooks, does the dishes, washes, and water the flowers. my father's name is roman. he is very hardworking and helps his mother in everything. my sister's name is oksana. she is three years older than me. sister helps mom with household chores, and me with homework. i am very grateful to her for this. i have a younger brother too. his name is seryozha. he loves to play computer games. but mom always makes sure that he does not sit at the computer for a long time. our family is complemented by a rex labrador dog. i always take her out for a walk. i really like my big and friendly family. i think she is the best in the world.


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Twenty-four new detainees will arrive, who will require pre-trial work.

She's definitely carbo-loading for a bone-a-thon.

Enforcing them would probably be more difficult.

Multimodal aspects might cause further adjustments.

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