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Ех нужен. Быстрее

Ех нужен. Быстрее

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1. i would have got 'five' if had written the test well.

2/ which team is better: dinamo or spartak?

3. ann said that the newspaper had been read the whole evening.

4. what did he get for his birthday?

5. if you had come on time you would have been given some time to prepare.

6. i ask you not to object.

7. i live further/farther from the school than you.

8. russian is the most important subject at school.

9. i think they will come next wek.

10. we want you to come at the beginning of the lesson.

11. he asked to return him the book tomorrow.

12. if i pass the exam successfully, i will go on holiday.

13. they say all the schoolleavers entered university.

14. it seems the weather is changing.

15/ it is known he won't be invited to the party.

16. i will be able to help you only tomorrow.


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1) he didn't live in kiev five years ago.2) my friend doesn't go to college.

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вместо точек в таком порядке: she,herhe,hisit,itswe,ourthey,their 

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1) the blind can learn to read with the help of their fingers.

2) she became - blind at the age of ten.

3) she looked - young enough to be his daughter.

4) this government has helped the rich but has done nothing to help the poor.

5) a special school for the deaf is being built in our town.

6) mr morrison asked us to speak more loudly, as he was rather - deaf.

7) the deaf, the blind and the dumb are the categories of people who may have problems finding a job.

8) this part of the city is - old and very beautiful.

9) what do we call people who can't hear: do we call them the deaf or the dumb?

10) alice is too - young to drive a car.

11) the number of - unemployed people is rising all the time.


the + прилагательное

the употребляется со следующими



the old, the young, the rich, the poor,

the blind, the deaf, the sick, the dead,

the disabled, the unemployed, the injured


- after the concert money will be collected for the poor.

- life is not easy for the unemployed.


помните, что эти слова не могут использоваться отдельно, как существительные. вы должны сказать:

a deaf woman , a young man.

или во множественном числе:

deaf women,young men



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