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Прочитайте, допишите предложения и раскрастье набросок. this is a tulp. it is small. the is red and beauteful. the are big and green. you can see it in spring. we have tulips on mountains and in our gardens. they water, air and sun to live

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1 a

2 b

3 a

4 b

5 c

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on  monday  we have five lessons. in maths we count, do sums and  solve problems. i like maths. in man and the world we learn about the world. it`s interesting. in art we draw and paint.  i can`t draw well but it`s  fun. in belarusian reading we speak belarusian, read stories and speak about them. i can speak belorusian verry well. in pe we play sports, runand jump. pe is my favourite lesson.

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1)julia couldn`t choose between two dresses.2)we spent last summer among friends in canada. 3) elephats are among the largest animals in the world. 4) the new american singer is popular among young people. 5) i don`t like paul very much, but that`s between you and me. 6) the relover lay between the two boxes. 7) the tents were situated among the high trees. 8) there is a bridge between the island and the bank of the river. 9) i had english and geography class and lunch among them. 10) you can choose between cucumber salad and tomato salad/

between =между - используем, если речь идет о двух предметах/объектах/людях, если больше, берем among=среди.

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agency- агенство

brother- брат

cook - готовить


home - дом

right - правильный

mother- мама keys- ключи opportunity - возможность play - играть time- время xerox - ксерокс yellow - жёлтый  


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