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1 a i (go) to town this afternoon.


am i (i / go) to the supermarket on my way back? -неуверена

b yes, we need bread, milk and some fruit. a ok. i __shall (get) all that, and some eggs, too. 2 a i heard on the radio that the weather (be) excellent this weekend. b that’s good, because my parents (come) to stay with me.  -неуверена 3 a i went to see miami vice yesterday at the cinema. it’s excellent. b oh good. i _shal (see) it tomorrow. a i know you (love) it.

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1)have you ever tried chinese food.

2)he has been to china.

3)she has been to london since she finished the university.

4)they have lived in cario since 199.

5)how long has jack lived in london.

6)mary has met him before.

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Ilike sport. it  plays a great role in my activities.  most of all i like to play basketball. i am the best player and often take part in different sport competitions. sometimes we win them but sometimes we lose. basketball is a  team game. it is played in any season because you play this game is indoors game. it is played in a gym. but sometimes you can see streetball - basketball in an open air. there are two baskets in this  exciting game and only one orange ball.   players must  throw the ball to the basket and get to it to score a  goal. there are two teams  with only five players. many people keen in sport because it makes us more healthy and help us to be fit.  during you play any sport game you are active and it helps you to burn many calories. basketball is an active game. it makes people be strong, healthy and energetic. it is a game for everybody even for disabled people. to my mind any sport is risky and dangerous. basketball is risky too because every minute you can break your arm or leg or get another problem with your health. i like playing basketball most of all. and i am a basketball fan too.  i enjoy watching matches on tv and at the gym. i have been to the gym. it was the greatest game i have ever seen.
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имя 3 важных изобретений и сказать все, что вы о них

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