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Task 3. Put the verbs in brackets into the past simple. 1. Your family (visit) a castle last year.
2. He (buy) a DVD last month.
3. She (go) to the theatre last weekend
4. They (see) a lot of animals in the zoo yesterday.
5. He (eat) a pizza yesterday,​

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look are my friends, they at dancing.

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in the pictures you can see a little girl about 7 years. her school uniform, on her head a white bow.her appearance is very nice. besides, she looks good. she looks at the white paper with a smile. maybe she's writing something and she likes it.she carefully holds the sheet and writes out the words.

если вам понравилось решение, то можете его отметить как лучшее.

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1.Your family visited a castle last year.

2. He bought a DVD last month.

3.She went to the theatre last weekend

4.They saw a lot of animals in the zoo yesterday.

5.He ate  a pizza yesterday,​


Это очень просто для того, чтобы поставить английский глагол во время Past Simple, нужно использовать его «вторую форму» если ее нет прибавлением окончания -ed:

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1 visited

2 bought

3 went

4 saw

5 ate

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