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Скажи на 2.30 11.05 11.55 10.15 12.45 3.40 it.

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1) i enjoy talking to clever peopl .

2) we can't begin to tell you how much missed you.

3) she hates borrowing money from.

4) she doesn't  mind to look after the children.

5 ) he forgot to call his friend in the morning.


1) this letter was received after his departure.

2) have you ever been atacked by the dogs?

3) chocolate and ice-cream are being sold by the man.

4) honey is gahered from flowers.

5) the piano was brought into the room.

6) steve has been told about this .

7) the ship is being driven against the rock by the storm.

8) you will be shown the way by the little boy.

9) pupils are taught many iseful things.

10) by whom was the circulation of blood discovered?

11) he was caught.

12) machines are moved by electricity.

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мне кажется тут нужно вставить "хвостик",что будет обазначать - "не так ли ". the bodyguards protect politicians and their families,don't  they ? ответ на вопрос : yes,they do.it is their job - to protect other people's lifes.

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имя 3 важных изобретений и сказать все, что вы о них

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It half past two it five past eleven it five to twelve it quarter past ten it quarter to one it twenty to four

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