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Составить предложения i would rather i would prefer to

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1) a few

2) a little

3) a little

4) a few

5) a few

6) a little

7) a few

8) a few

9) a little

10) a little

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1) the friends buy things for party at the shop.

2) the friends buy a cake, candles and a present.

3) they need the biggest cake.

4) they need the longest candles.

5) they need the coolest present. 

6) olga wants to buy the biggest cake.

7) kolya wants to buy the most expensive present.

8) alex wants to buy the lingest candles.

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1. a duck can,t   sing.  


2. can dogs run?


3. ann,s cat isn,t black.


4. she has got a funny rabbit.


5.  is his  big  clock?



: ) удачи

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Iwould rather:   to eat ice cream.                         to play football and not basketball.                       swim in the sea. i would prefer:   that my room was always clean.                       that parents live forever.                       to give less homework.

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