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What modern technologes do you use every day

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1. my mother writes letters to her friends every week.

2. my mother is writing letter to her friends now.

3. my mother wrote letters to her friends yesterday.

4. my mother will write letters to her friends tomorrow.

5. my mother has already written letters to her friends.

6. my mother was writing letters to her friends at 5 o'clock yesterday.

7. my mother had written letters to her friends by 5 o'clock yesterday.

8. my mother has been wruting letters to her friends the whole day.

9. my mother had been writing letters to her friends the whole day yesterday.

10. my mother will be writing letters to her friends at 5 o'clock tomorrow.

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our school is very beautiful. it is not small, but not very big. we have got 4 steps in it. on the first we have got a refectory and cloakroom.refectory   is rather comfortable and you can eat tasty breakfasts and dinners in it. cloakroom is new and very clean. on the second floor is a primary school. we have not got lessons where. on the 2 and 3 floors we have got our lessons. we have got 60 klassrooms. they are light , evrywear we have got computers.i like my school very much.

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1)he is playing

2)is  she doing?

3) are they going? ,are you going

4) is not working, is he looking


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The internet has entered our everyday lives. everyone knows that the internet is a global computer network that connects hundreds of millions of users worldwide and helps us to communicate with each other. history of the internet started in the united states in 1969. it was a military experiment designed to help survive a nuclear war, when everything can be contaminated by radiation   dangerous to go out, to deliver any information. information sent over the internet, goes from one computer to another through the shortest and safest routes available. thanks to this two computers on the network can communicate with each other until there is at least one route between them. this technology was called packet switching.

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