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Как прочитать по spring is green. summer is bright. autumn is yellow. winter is white.

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do you think you will be in time for dinner today?

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1) the friends buy things for party at the shop.

2) the friends buy a cake, candles and a present.

3) they need the biggest cake.

4) they need the longest candles.

5) they need the coolest present. 

6) olga wants to buy the biggest cake.

7) kolya wants to buy the most expensive present.

8) alex wants to buy the lingest candles.

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1)we recommend that you read the rules for the tourists.

2)   for a ride abroad in most countries you need a visa.

3) each tourist must fill out a customs declaration.

4) if you have any questions about what is necessary specify in the declaration, you should seek the assistance of customs officers ..

5) if you have any problems, you should contact your travel agent.

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Spring is green. [sprɪŋ  ɪz  griːn]   summer is bright. [ˈsʌmər  ɪz  braɪt]  autumn   is   yellow. [ˈɔːtəm    ɪz  ˈjɛləʊ]    winter     is white. [ˈwɪntər  ɪz  waɪt]

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