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Написать сочинение "как я провела зимние каникулы"на языке каникулы были немного ,ездил в кино с друзьями, как новый год т. д.

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my most  rewarding  experience  last week's  was  homework.  i have to  decrease  the number of  absences  or  expelled  me  from school.  i think that  is better  adapted to  a good company  than bad


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in the future i wish to be a mechanical engineer. it is the future profession which i wish to aspire for. the profession itself is very difficult, it requires the knowledge of the principles of physics, maternal sciences, which is used for analysis, of  design, of manufacturing, and of maintenance of mechanical systems.besides that is requires a general understanding of core concepts such as of mechanics, kinematics, thermodynamics, and structural analysis.  mechanical engineers have to use these core principles along with tools like computer-aided engineering  and product lifecycle management  to design and analyze manufacturing plants, industrial equipment and machinery, heating and cooling systems, transport  systems, aircraft, watercraft, robotics, medical devices  and more.it is a job that requires the knowledge in many fields. and although it may be a hard one, i will work work and study hard to become a mechanical engineer!

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1)  julia couldn`t choose between  two dresses.2)we spent last summer among  friends in canada. 3) elephats are among  the largest animals in the world. 4) the new american singer is popular among young people. 5) i don`t like paul very much, but that`s betweem  you and me. 6) the relover lay between  the two boxes. 7) the tents were situated among the high trees. 8) there is a bridge between the island and the bank of the river. 9) i had english and geography class and lunch among them. 10) you can choose between  cucumber salad and tomato salad.

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Ispent my winter holidays in moscow. this year i did not go anywhere. our winter holidays began oh the 27th of december. on that day we had a new year party at school. we had prepared an amateur performance with father frost and snow-maiden. there were different competitions, we played different games. then we had a dance party. that day we had a lot of fun. i like winter for a number of holidays we celebrate at the beginning of a new year. first of all this is new year day. on the 7th of january our family celebrates christmas. i like this holiday very much too. the period of the winter holidays is rich in different shows and performances. this year we chose the show in the circus. i think there is nobody in the world who can be tired of the circus. i liked the clowns most of all. their tricks were so funny. but the time during the holidays flies so quickly. certainly, i read some books which i dreamt to read but i didn't have free time for this. this year the weather was really new year's one. it was rather snowy and one day we set off to the park to ski. we had a nice day there. i like my last winter holidays very much.

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