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Загадка про животное 3 - 4 предложения.

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my hero,  russian cosmonaut  yuri gagarin,  i'll tell you  about it  now.

yuri gagarin was the first cosmonaut in the world. yuri alex-eyevich gagarin was born on the 9th of march, 1934. he was born in the village of klushino in the smolensk region.yura was an active, brave and curious boy. his father was jack of all trades and he helped his son when yura made toy planes by hand. but the war began. yuri gagarin and his mother, father, brother and sister left their house and had to live in a dug-out. after the war gagarin's family moved to gzhatsk. now it is gagarin. it was named after the first cosmonaut.in 1951 gagarin graduated from a vocational school in lyubertsy near moscow.yuri gagarin attended an aeroclub and began to fly when he was a student of a technical secondary school in saratov.in 1955 he entered a school for pilots. then he became a pilot and joined the first group of cosmonauts.in 1960 gagarin began to prepare for the flight into space.on april 12,1961 yuri gagarin flew into space and spent 108 minutes there. it was the first time in history that the russian spaceship "vostok" with the man on board was in space. after his flight he visited many countries and saw millions of people. gagarin became a hero of our country.he died in 1968, but people always remember the first russian cosmonaut.

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1. there were a lot of flowers in the garden. 

were there a lot of flowers in the garden?

there weren't  a lot of flowers in the garden.2. there  was an apple-tree in the garden.

was there an apple-tree in the garden?

there wasn't  an apple-tree in the garden.3. there were a lot of chickens on the farm.  

were there  a lot of chickens on the farm?

there weren't  a lot of chickens on the farm.  4. there were many white sheep on the farm.  

were there  many white sheep on the farm?

there weren't  many white sheep on the farm.  5. there was a table at the window.  

was there  a table at the window?

there wasn't  a table at the window.   6. there was a bus stop here.

was there  a bus stop here?

there wasn't  a bus stop here.

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1)have you ever tried chinese food.

2)he has been to china.

3)she has been to london since she finished the university.

4)they have lived in cario since 199.

5)how long has jack lived in london.

6)mary has met him before.

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Под кустом сидит, дрожит.  видит волка — и бежит.  ответ:   заяц  

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