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Reading D Read the text. In each question (1-6) choose the correct answer A, B, C or D. What Are You Doing This Summer? Ready, set, action! Get ready for an experience of a lifetime with the Holiday Movie Company. We are not a film school, nor do we offer qualifications in film producțion. What we do offer, however, is a unique filmmaking holiday in a beautiful location with experienced filmmakers. Our holidays are aimed at beginners who want to learn about filmmaking. Our guests come together to make a short film over a period of two weeks. Guests choose what position in the film production team they are interested in. Positions in areas such as lighting, sound and costume design are available. All guests will have the opportunity to direct a part of the film and work with professional actors. The film crew will have a screenplay to follow, however, all decisions in the filming are under the control of the director and crew. Our role as a company is simply to help and advise each guest. Guests must make their own travel arrangements to the holiday movie company. Once there, we provide hotel accommodation, all necessary equipment and transport to and from the different shooting locations. Before production starts, we will demonstrate how to use the equipment and train guests for their positions in the film project. At the end of the training, the guests will get together with the actors and produce a small part of the film as a test piece. Once filming begins, there will →) be a daily filming schedule. Some days might be longer than others due to weather and filming problems. Of course, there will be time off for sightseeing and relaxation. We want our guests to have lots of fun in a new place, meet like-minded people, learn new skills and have an unforgettable experience making a film. Our guests not only leave with pictures of what they did on holiday, but with a professional film to show their friends back home. 1 The Holiday Movie Company is A a film school. B a holiday provider. C a professional film production company. Da business that films holidays. 4 Guests are responsible for A finding the shooting locations. B bringing their own equipment to the film. C arranging their transportation to the movie company. D booking their hotel. 2 Guests must A have previous acting experience. B learn lighting techniques. C choose a job to do. D have previous experience in filmmaking. 5 Before filming begins guest will A receive training. B go sightseeing. C take a test about films, D act in a short film. 3 Each guest will have the chance to A direct the film. B act in the film. C shoot the film. D write a part of the screenplay. 6 The above text is typical of A a tourist guidebook. B a company advert. C a holiday review. Da newspaper article. Points 6X2

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i want to go to the theater. (я хочу сходить в театр)

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1) he like big clocks too. (он любит большие часы тоже) 

2) he likes nice cats too. (он любит симпотичных кошек тоже) 

3) she likes funny rabbits too. (она любит смешных кроликов тоже)

4) she likes green crocodiles too. (она любит зеленых крокодилов тоже)

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Авыходные, але? если 30 рублей
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i was asked by teacher.

my mobile phone was stolen last month.

the clothes are made by china.

he was injured by dog.

dog was found by me.

this shoes will be bought by my friend.

i will be invited to the party.

book will bu used  by me.

bus is stopped for me.

his leg was broken on accedent.

poem was written by w.sheakspear.

my key was lost by father.

room will be cleaned by my sister.

house was sold by our neighbour.

my father`s car will be repaired in workshop.



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