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4 2.38 Listen again and write true or false.
1 Miami is bigger than Brighton.
2 Miami is safer than Brighton.
3 Brighton is a prettier place.
4 Brighton is more exciting than Miami.
5 The people in Miami are friendlier.
6 The weather is better in Brighton.

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you can go to the art gallery, if you want to see masterpiece of art.

the museum is open everyday.

if you are hungry, you better eat, before you don’t feel bad.

there are good films recently released by marvel.

you can listen to good music on mp3, cds or radio.

you can find information from the internet, tv and books.

there are a lot of people who like reading books, and not a little who love watching films


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1 я занят, мою мою новую машину

2 бесполезно снимать все эти деньги

3 мы хотим поменять все эти старые монеты

4 мебель в этом магазине дорогая

5 он готов внести деньги в этот банк

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1do they do their homework in the evening?

2 did it often rain last month?

3 did she invite anybody to the party?

4shall\will we have six lessons tomorrow?

5is there anything in the cup?


ps : за 2ое не

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in the morning  she  cleans her teeth.

he    likes to play with his friends.

  look at the dog! it  is black.but its ears are white.

we  go for a walk with  our pets in the park.

they  washed their hands before lunch.

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