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You know many inventions and discoveries. Say if it’s “True” or “False”

1) Russia was the first country in the world to send a

satellite into space.

2) The television was invented in the 19th century.

3)Diamonds and coal are made of the same chemical


4)Worms have tiny legs that can be seen only under

the microscope.

5) Nuclear energy and atomic energy are the same


6) Neptune is the closest planet to the Sun.

7) American astronauts landed on the Moon in 1982.

8) The Earth is a huge natural magnet. Invisible lines

of magnetic force spread out around the planet

joining the North and the South magnetic poles.

9) Leopards often hunt from trees, lying in wait on a


10) Leonardo da Vinci thought of such modern

things as the helicopter, the flying machine and the

machine gun and made drawings of them.

11) The laser is a device that strengthens sound.

12) The human nervous system includes brain,

nerves and stomach

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нэш огден дни рождения.

ax, как он медленно идет,

мой день рожденья!

целый год  я жду его, как ждут автобус.

и грустно мне.

и снижен тонус.

но вспомнил нынче я с надеждой

те песни, что звучали между,

и вспомнил без предубежденья

все лучшее в не-дни рожденья.

и, право, показались мне

они уж не такими не-


вот как-то так: )

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1. they won't buy the computer. - future simple.

2. he will be busy. - future simple.

3. next december i will be eleven. - future simple.

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ann-she, helen-she , mum-she, bob=he   ben-he,dad-he, box-it,stick-it,pets-they,dogs-they

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