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Fill in the gaps with the verbs in brackets in the Present Simple or the Present Continuous. Then write two senteces in the Present Simple and the Present Continuous. do, wear, take out, help, get up, feel.
1) How often *do* you *take out* the rubbish?
2) you bored now?
3) What you usually in summer?
4) anyone in the class a sweater today?
5) What time you on weekdays?
6) you your parents with the houswork?
7) ?
8) ?

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sport is an important part of our life. there are a lot different kinds of sport, such as basketball, football, tennis, volleyball, golf. as for me, my favourite sport is football. firstly, i   really like to watch football matches on tv. it is the most popular game in the world. also i'm fond of playing this game,it is very interesting, active and it helps me to keep fit and to be healthy. that's all i need from sport. 

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1. a duck can,t   sing.  


2. can dogs run?


3. ann,s cat isn,t black.


4. she has got a funny rabbit.


5.  is his  big  clock?



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what does the screen mean? did they go out last night? can you help me? when is peter going on holiday? last night i went to the cinema.

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mike- hi,victor!

victor-hi, how are you?

mike-- i am fine,thanks. do you want to go to the skating - rink?

victor-i*d love to but i can*t.


victor-i*m not well. i am ill. i* ve caught a cold and have a high temperature

mike--oh i am sorry.i*d love to go to there with you.

victor-so do i.

mike--don*t worry.see you soon.get well!

victor- bye.

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