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The Task 1. Change the sentences into passive voice
1. Everybody must obey the instruction.
2. We have corrected all the mistakes.
3. They play football all over the world.
4. Why haven't they sent the letter yet?
5. They took him to the doctor.
nok 2 Put correct tense form​

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you can give money, or some stuff to this family.

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наша школа большая, она расположена недалеко от центра города. если вы приедете в  нашу школу, вы увидете широкий школьный двор вокруг школы и спортивную площадку позади школы. у нас  обычно там проходят уроки физкультуры, когда хорошая погода.

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cinderella -  a poor  orphan,  that  wicked stepmother  and her  daughter's  absurd, forced towork  hard  from morning  till night.  she  wants to go to  the royal  ball.  poor girl  comes  to the aid of  fairy godmother!   the force  of magic, it  gives  cinderella  a luxury  coach,  a wonderfuldress  and unusual  glass slippers.

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1. The instruction must be obeyed by everybody.

2. All mistakes have been corrected.

3. Football all over the world was played by them.

4. Why the letter haven't been sent by them?

5. He was taken to the doctor by them.


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