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клин ап



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1) what do you want? i want some tea 2) who is playing the drums? he plays the drums very well 3) when do you leave the house 4) what are you doing? i'm doing my homework 5) what are the boys singing at the moment? they're singing an old song

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  do you have a garden? - yes. we have a garden

do you often work in the garden? - sometimes i work in the garden but i don*t like it

do you plant trees every year? - no. i don*t. we have a lot of trees there. we don*t need to plant trees every year

do you have fruit trees and flowers in your garden? - yes. we have fruit trees: apple trees. pear trees. cherry trees. and plum trees and a lot of different flowers

do you enjoy working in the garden? - no. i don*t. i hate working in the garden

do you want to be a gardener? -no. i don*t want to be a gardener.

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They wear tight pants, smoke, drink, swear, do not listen to their parents.they walk until late, spend money in large quantities on alcohol


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