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Think about three changes you want to make to your own city​

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1. - has he  already come?

-yes, he has . he  came  an hour ago.

2.- has she read the book?

-yes, i  have read  the book. i  read  it two days ago.

3.  has she translated the text?

-yes, she  has translated the text. she translated  it ten menutes ago.

4. - have they met  the teacher?  

-yes, they  have met  the teacher. they  met  him five minutes ago.

5. - has he bult  a bridge?

-yes, he has built a bridge. he  built it ten minutes ago.

6.  - have they had  lunch?

- yes, they  have had  lunch. they  had  lunch ten minutes ago.

7.    has the taxi come ?

- yes, it  has come . it  came a minute ago.

8. - has he ever  seen  red square?

- yes, he  has seen red square. he  saw it two days ago.

9.- has the lesson begun?

- yes, the lesson has begun . it  began five minutes ago.

  10.- has it drunk  the milk?

- yes, it  has drunk the milk. it  drank the milk two minutes ago.



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прошедшее: кушали,читал,одевалась

настоящее: делаю,смотрит,рисуют

будущее: будут гулять,сделаю,проиграет

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1. lena is a very good girl. she always helps her mother about the house. today she has been helping her mother since morning. she has already washed the floor and dusted the furniture.
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I think the urban government must build the bottle bank .This change makes the our city clear.All waste must go in the landfill site and recycle .

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I go to the weekly community dinner (it’s by donation or free, depending on your income & discretion). Since I’m currently living in a tiny, mostly agricultural, and mostly elderly town, it gives me an opportunity to meet people in town. I also get a free supper, and usually some take-homes local businesses have donated (like Pepperidge Farm breads).

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