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Текст про Кипр как страну на Английском 5 клас 7 предложений.

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Ответ разместил: Гость

1. let* s go to the cinema

2. we must make him do it.

3. i like to read books

4. i would like to go there with you


или  let*s make her read this book


не совсем понятно

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1) he doesn*t like to ride a bike

2)she doesn*t like to swim in swimming pool

3) she doesn*t like to dance

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The sea of huge size which enchants you forever

As soon as you see it and plunge into waves,

Chic beaches of white sand (I’ve seen such never!)

Are really magic and give rise to raves.

So beautiful legends and myths came from here,

And stones were eyewitnesses of ancient times.

Repose and delight generate atmosphere

Not leaving the place for infringement and crimes.

Abundance of flowers and thickets of cypress,

The fragrance of love which excites and attracts —

These words are devoted to marvellous Cyprus,

The magical potion which really acts!

Oh, Grecian music! It captured me fully!

It’s gentle and sad, and then passion a lot…

My week-long vacation on this land was truly

Delightful enough but, alas, very short…

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