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0. Parrots - are colorful and tropical birds. They have sharp beaks and claws, their bodies are small, tails are long. 1. Giraffes -

2. Snakes -

3. Snow leopards -

4. Eagles –

5. Bears -


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1 is

2 are listening

3 works   teaches

4 is cutting

5 is

6 don't know

7 does your brother learn

8 does       don't know

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1. very important questions are touched upon in this article.  2. no positive agreement has not been achieved yet.  3. company targets are determined every year.  4. the companies in europe traded exceptionally well during the year  and new products were represented.  5. all relevant information about the meeting will be provided)in advance.    

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here are so many subjects that i wanted to take while i have a student but i never had the opportunity to. the most, i wish i would have taken a course in cultural management. most likely, one day i will follow my desire and enroll probably in a ma program in cultural management.why pursue a cultural management program? firstly, a program as such is relevant for my future career as an art historian. it would be essential for my intellectual development to learn how to organize effectively an exhibition, a cultural study trip, or any other type of cultural activity.moreover, a ma in cultural management would provide me with the theoretical and practical skill i will need in order to contribute substantially to the romanian cultural development. my country needs cultural managers, but they hardly exist. there are no schools to teach cultural management, and one can hardly find a person to have a proper training in this particular type of management. on the personal level, i strongly believe that such a course would be of great benefit to me. like any other management class it will help me organize myself better, and thus gain much time and much confidence in myself.overall, a cultural management program would be quite beneficial form my personal and academic development. i know that by studying this field not only i would improve my life, but also i will be able to contribute to the revival of my country"s culture development. this is why i would choose to study cultural management.

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1) tom can*t sing.

2 ) his pen  isn't  long.

3) jess hasn't  got  a big cockerel.

4)  a fox isn*t black.

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