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Writing. Write an email to your English friend about transport and traffic in Kazakhstan. (80 words) * ​

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1) in our world find friends difficult,but even harder their not losing. my communication with friends is good and sincere. in a difficult situation, we druz friend will never leave, always help. as the saying goes "do not have 100 rubles, and have 100 friends"

2) family is more than being relatives, it is a special relationship to each other. i respect every member of the family. the family has mutual understanding, kindness and care. i try to contribute to the happiness of the family.

3) my neighbors are very friendly, they are always polite and nice to communicate with me. it's etiquette to say hello to the neighbors. with some neighbors i communicate very closely. sometimes we go to each other's houses. i'm glad i have a good relationship with my neighbors.

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1. - has he  already come?

-yes, he has . he  came  an hour ago.

2.- has she read the book?

-yes, i  have read  the book. i  read  it two days ago.

3.  has she translated the text?

-yes, she  has translated the text. she translated  it ten menutes ago.

4. - have they met  the teacher?  

-yes, they  have met  the teacher. they  met  him five minutes ago.

5. - has he bult  a bridge?

-yes, he has built a bridge. he  built it ten minutes ago.

6.  - have they had  lunch?

- yes, they  have had  lunch. they  had  lunch ten minutes ago.

7.    has the taxi come ?

- yes, it  has come . it  came a minute ago.

8. - has he ever  seen  red square?

- yes, he  has seen red square. he  saw it two days ago.

9.- has the lesson begun?

- yes, the lesson has begun . it  began five minutes ago.

  10.- has it drunk  the milk?

- yes, it  has drunk the milk. it  drank the milk two minutes ago.



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did you find it?

did your friend give to you it?

where did you get it?

what is it?

where do you keep ido you like it?  

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1. i never ask for advice .

2. he doesn`t like to give advice

3. it is difficult to follow my doctor`s advice. he told me to stop eating sweets.


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