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Выполни Задание 1. Запишите каждое предложение в косвенную речь ( ) 1) ‘I’m feeling hungry, actually’. - I admitted
2) ‘I’m sorry that I was so late’. - I apologised
3) ‘I got stuck in the traffic’. - I told her
4) ‘I’ll practise every afternoon after school’. -I promised
5) ‘I definitely didn’t leave the window open!’ - He denied
6) ‘You’ve stolen my pen! Give it back!’ -Peter accused
7) ‘I will not eat this pizza’- Ann refused
8) ‘The camera needs two batteries.’ -The instructions say
9) ‘Pandas live in China’. - The teacher said
10) ‘It’s time for bed’. - Dad says

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1was it always difficult to travel by plane? 2 are many seats on planes needed for goverment representatives and army people? 3 wasnt mr brown a very important person? 4
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corn, courgettes, garlic, mushrooms, pulses, broccoli, aubergine, asparagus, parsley, cucumber, potatoes, tomatoes, cauliflower


  water melon,oranges,apples, grapes, lemon,   bananas, mango,   bluberies, kiwi fruit, strawberries.

это все основные овощи и фрукты которые я   знаю и которые самые распростроненное 

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Нет, не правильно . попробуй снова
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1. has been working (3)

2. has been drinkig (1)

3. have be drawing (3)


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