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Task 2. Paraphrase the given sentences so it has similar meaning. Use the given beginnings sentences.

Example, Several keywords will help to find better results. Better results Answer, Better results can be found by using several keywords.

1. Remove unwanted results by adding a minus symbol (-).

A minus symbol (-).

2. Check your information on other websites before accepting it.


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общий вопрос - вопрос, на который можно ответить либо да, либо нет.

  does girl play tennis? - yes, she does.


альтернативный - вопрос с выбором "то или это? "

  does girl play tennis or watch tv?  


разделительный -   на конце запятая и вторая часть часть с отрицанием того, что написано в первой части.

  the gils plays tennis, does not she?


к подлежащему. who plays tennis?


специальный - вопрос, начинающийся со специального слова типа кто, где,

how does the girl play tennis?  


косвенный вопрос - будто другой человек спрашивает тебя о девочке, играющей в теннис

  tanya asks me   who plays tennis.

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my favorite writer is anton pavlovich chekhov. he was a dramatist and is considered to be one of the greatest writers of short stories in history.from all his works most of all i like chekhov's tragicomedy "the cherry garden". as for me, this work teaches us a lot about our life, our history and the relationships among generations. it shows us the relationships between members of one family, but i think it can be applied to the relationships between nations and countries.

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i have some friends.i think everyone must have friends.because they can keep my secrets.they can always help me when i have problems.each time my friends and i get together to have a good laugh and do different things.nothing can replace good friends.and i have my best friend.her name is linda.she is a pretty girl.her hair is long and dark.she is thin and tall.her nose is turned-up.her eyes are brown.she is very funny and loyal.i can always turn to her for advice.it is important to have loyal friend!

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1 a i (go) to town this afternoon.


am i (i / go) to the supermarket on my way back? -неуверена

b yes, we need bread, milk and some fruit. a ok. i __shall (get) all that, and some eggs, too. 2 a i heard on the radio that the weather (be) excellent this weekend. b that’s good, because my parents (come) to stay with me.  -неуверена 3 a i went to see miami vice yesterday at the cinema. it’s excellent. b oh good. i _shal (see) it tomorrow. a i know you (love) it.

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