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Clues 1. Something you can use to type on and go online on. 2. Where you find countries on. 3. What a student sometimes wear to school. 4. What you do at school. 5. What you write with. 6. What American people call the break between two lessons. 7. What you have to see how well you have studied. 8. You read in them. 9. A period away from school. 10. What you use to write on the blackboard. 11. A student sits at this. 12. Books are made up of these. 13. What students shouldn't make! 14. You use it in Maths. 15. What is "Bend It Like Beckham"? A! 16. What you should take during lessons. 17. American for rubber. 18. You find many of these in books. 19. It is white and comes in sheets. 20. What students often ride to get to school in America. 21. Another word for a group of friends. "C

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france ends hundred years war, england - starts a war of the roses. in italy - renaissance: ladies speak the ancient latin, reviving education. in tuscany they spin silk. for the holidays creates "unusual" clothing. women wear long embroidered with upelyand trailing train under him fitting cotto - breeches. the top men's hats, a scarf wrapped the end of which descends on their tops. there are short coats of turkish origin. painted on the sides of stockings pants make legs colored

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i would like to play baseball as i think it is a captivating game.

i would like to play badminton as i think it is a great thrill.

i wouldn't like to play bowling as i think it is boring.

i wouldn't like to do boxing as i think it is common.

i wouldn't like to do canoeing as i think it is dangerous.

i would like to play curling as i think it is different from others.

кликни "лучшее решение", если несложно.

i would like to
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Bought haven't seenhas already workedare you crying? have forgotten hasn't finished yet do you see him today? have never donehave been doing moved

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1. Mobile 2. Maps 3. Uniform 4. Study 5. Pencil/ crayon 6.recess 7.note? 8.books

9. holiday 10.chalk

11. desk 12.trees

13. mistakes

14. ruler?



17. eraser

18. words

19. paper

20. bus

21. Crew/. Circle


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