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До іть будь ласка. ТЕРМІНОВО

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1. is your house had break?

2. is he your best friend?

3.  is here had an old castle?

4.  is this castle visited by tourists?

5.  when to you has said the truth?

6.  who has painted a picture ''the sunflower''?

7.  is a space examining by astronauts?

8.  what to them has still offered?

9. is thief has arrest by this police officer?

10.  is a window maybe be open?

11. is this work can be done?

12.  is this writer writing a new book?

13. is he known, as a talented musician?

14. why they wear a funny clothes?

15. which language used in thailand?

16.  is a medical treatment for a cancer can be opened?

17. is he has won?

18.  is climate changing?

19.  why the public needs to be warned about it?

20. is this brilliant the biggest in the world?

21.  do you like, when shout on you or talked about you?

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чтобы начинать, чтобы начинаться

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listen, ivan sings in the next room.it doesn't see that i look at it, as he reads something with a great interest.call him now. i think that he doesn't sleep yet.look at the person who sits at a window. he/she is our lawyer.

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1.when was j.turner born?

joseph turner was born in 1775.


2.what was his father's job?

his father was a barber.


3.j.turner was very fond of nature,wasn't he?

yes, he was.


4.what did he like to draw during his trips?

he liked to draw ruined abbeys and castles during his trips.


5.what was j.turner famouse for?

turner was famous for the wonderful colours in his pictures.


6.what kind of pictures did he paint?

he painted landscapes and sea pictures.


7.j.turner wasn't a master of water-colours,was he?

no, he was.







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