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Хто знає англійську до іть

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здесь сравнительная степень, т.к. сравненивается уровень знаний двух объектов. тут будет my sister speaks english worse than i do.

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1) did you go to the theater?

2) where did you go?

3) did you go to school yesterday?

4) did you hear the news?

5) when did you see her?

6) what did he say?

7) did he use to take english lessons?

8) what did you do at the week-end?

9) why didn't you phone me on tuesday?  

10) why were you so angry?


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a) cycling
b) sunbathing
c) postcards
d) countryside


1. a) who 2. b) which 3. b) when


2)off /on


1 the law of universal gravitation was discovered by Isaac Newton
2 The phonograph and a light bulb were invented by Thomas Edison
4 the first astronomical telescope was constructed by Galileo
5 the formula for the volume of a sphere was discovered by Archimedes
6 x-rays were discovered by Roentgen

5. Yesterday I watch Walking Dead. It is a story about Rick Grimes and his son. It is in America. Rick - main character. It will be more cool if there be more fighting.

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