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5 Read the Look out! box. Then complete the text with the passive forms of the verbs in brackets. Use the correct tense. Magic mirrors have been a common feature in children's stories ever since the fairytale Snow White ¹ was famously made (make / famously) into a film by Disney. But recently, real 'magic mirrors' 2_ (install) in several stores in the UK. Thanks to these neat devices, whole outfits 3 (can / try on) without having to undress or even find the items in the store. The mirror is in fact a computer screen. Stand in front of it and your body (scan / instantly). An image of yourself 5 (display) on the screen and your measurements 6 Once this? (calculate / automatically). (do), items of clothing 8. choose) from the on-screen menus. These 9 (superimpose) onto your own image. Shoes and accessories 10 Dross And because a second opinion ¹1 your new look ¹2 your friends: if you click on an icon, it ¹3 Facebook a few seconds later. At the moment, magic mirrors 14 independent clothes shops, but they 15 quickly) in larger stores across the country. (can / (may / add) to complete the outfit. (often / need). (can / share / instantly) with (post) on (not find / often) in (introduce /

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5- c

andrew he?

our students , don't they?

girls ,can't they?

roma ,is he?

we will we?

my friend can play computer games,can't he

group of russian students will visit great britain in april,won't they

we went to the park yesterday,didn't we

our head teacher answers for educational program ,doesn't she

i am going to the cinema  


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ру не может читать на и .

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when i was a kid, my father and my mother bought me a two- wheeled bike - a real, green color, with black wheels. he at once i really liked. at first i rode on it with small wheels on the rear wheel, not to fall, but it slowly, and i all were. a year later, in the following summer, dad took off wheels and taught me to ride on two wheels. however many times i fell, yet learned on the bike to keep the balance, but now i know how to drive fast and even steer one hand. now i quietly 'm getting ahead of the pope, when he runs away from me. i can for 30 seconds to circle around the ice palace. in the past year i 'm on my bike took part in the competitions at the city stadium, and took the second place among the boys. i even the instrument was given a prize. but in general, i summer love for the fact that in the summer, you can ride a bike. we with the guys from our yard going often to race around the ice palace. and still i like to ride a bicycle through the puddles. i love my bike and i can ride on it though the entire day. of all the toys i most of all i love my bike.

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Magic mirrors, a common feature in children's stories since the fairytale Snow White was famously made into a film by Disney, have recently been installed in several stores in the UK. Outfits can now be tried on without having to undress or even find the items in the store, thanks to these neat devices which are in fact computer screens. Stand in front of one and your body is instantly scanned and an image of yourself is displayed on the screen, with your measurements calculated automatically. Items of clothing can be chosen from on-screen menus and superimposed onto your own image, and shoes and accessories can be added to complete the outfit. The new look can be instantly shared with friends on Facebook if an icon is clicked, and the mirrors are often found in independent clothes shops but may be quickly introduced in larger stores across the country.

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