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До іть з англійською. щедро віддячу! )))

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1. clyde was awfully glad to have renewed his acquaintance with sondra.-клайд был ужасно рад возобновив свое знакомство с сондра2. as we were given dictionaries, we managed to translate the article easily.-как мы получили словари, нам удалось перевести статью легко.3. at last he broke the silence by inviting everybody to walk into the living-room.-наконец он нарушил молчание, приглашая всех идти в гостиную.

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а если не надо с i can-то можешь написать ещо вот так

my grandpa has a very big farmhouse.

in londan is biulding a largest bridge.

in my garden grow many beautiful flowers.

my horse's name is snow-white.


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thanks for your letter. i am study at school. we have  a very  good, kind  and  caring  teachers. they help to us. in our school we have a lot of sport sections. we have bascetball, football and  physical training, where we run and play sport games. around the school we have a stadium and a football field. in winter opened rink for us, where we  skate.  i have  been doing  athletics. every day i do to the stadium. running help me relax and forgot about my problems. in your letter you wrote that you will soon have bascetball match. where has match been? how did you prepare?   what will be the  prize  for winning the  match? i wish fictory for you. hope to hear from you soon.

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2. she

3. she

4. her

5. their

6. his

7. her

8. they

9. her

10. her

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ответ: 1)my; 2)she; 3)she; 4)her; 5)her; 6)his; 7)her; 8)they; 9)her; 10)her.



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