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Уявіть, що ви перебуваєте на одному з плавучих островів озера Тітікака. Напишіть електронного листа своєму другові. Напиши: де ти, що там є, як тобі подобається . через час урок.

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1. my bag is as clean as hers. 2.this book is as interesting as that one. 3.his brother is older than her brother. 4. your mistakes are as bad as mine.
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1) say2)said3)telling4)said5) tell6)says7)tell8)tell9)10)tell крайней мере исходила из правил,даже грамматику сейчас перечитала))

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1 swim

2 six

3 can

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Dear friend,

I hope this email finds you well. I am writing to you from one of the floating islands on Lake Titicaca. It is a truly unique experience to be living on a man-made island made entirely of reeds. The view of the lake and the surrounding mountains is absolutely breathtaking.

Living on the island is quite an adventure. We have to be careful not to damage the reeds that make up the island, and we have to constantly maintain and add new reeds to keep the island afloat. We also rely on solar panels for electricity and collect rainwater for drinking.

Despite the challenges, I am thoroughly enjoying my time here. The people are incredibly friendly and welcoming, and the culture is rich and fascinating. I have learned so much about the history and traditions of the Uros people who have lived on these islands for centuries.

I hope all is well with you, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Best regards,

[сюда своё имя напиши]

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