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До іть будь ласка

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1) there is a big window in my bedroom.

2)there are no pantries in our house.

3)he shares a room with his friends.

4)is a hall there in his flat?

не гарантирую ! 5 не знаю вроде начинается have you got

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when did you see him last time?

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my school has a lot of technical facilities. due to the improvement of the digital technology, our local authorities have decided to make the students study more efficiently. firstly, they have had several modern laptops bought to place them in our it classrooms. secondly, they have installed a fully-equipped projector for geography lessons, not to mention the digital board where we can practice online tests. all in all, i believe it's a great step towards dealing with the problem of technical equipment in ukrainian schools.


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Завдання 1.
1. -b) a shop assistant
2. -c) an electrician
3.-a) mechanic
4.-e) an accountant
5.-d) a policeman
6.-f) dentist
завдання 2.
1. A person whose job is to cook in the restaurant is a chef.
2. A person whose job is to help people buy and sell houses is a real estate agent or realtor.
3. A person who designs buildings is an architect.
4. A person whose job is to treat sick animals is a veterinarian.
5. A person who works in a government office is a civil servant or government employee.
6. A person who gives legal advice is a lawyer or attorney.

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