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Красная лента на 7 дм длиннее, чем белая, а зелёная лента на 10 дм длинее, чем красная. на сколько дм зелёная лента , чем белая?

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The united states of america the usa is one of the largest countries in the world. it is situated in the central part of the north american continent. the area of the usa is over nine million square kilometres. its oceans are the pa- eific ocean and the atlantic. the population of the united states is nearly 250 million people. most of people live in townsenws. people of different nationalities live in the usa. there are a lot of rich people in the oeusa but the life of many coloured people is very difficult. some americans live in poverty and some people can't get work. the official language of the country is english. the capital of the country is washington. it was named in honour of the first president, george washington. as the usa is a large country, the cli- mate is different in different regions for example, the pacific coast is a region of mild winters and warm, dry summers but the eastern continental region has a rainy climate. the region around the great lakes has changeable weather there are many mountains in the usa for example, the highest peak in the cor- dilliers in the usa is 4,418 metres the country's main river is the missis sippi but there are many other great riv- ers in the usa: the colorado in the south and the columbia in the north-west. there are five great lakes between the usa and canada. the usa produces more than 52 per cent of the world's corn, wheat, cotton and tobacco. there are many big cities in the count- ry. they are washington (the capital of the country), new york (the city of con- trasts and the financial and business cen- tre of the usa), boston (which has three universities), chicago (one of the biggest industrial cities in the usa), san francis- co, los angeles, philadelphia, detroit (one of the biggest centres of the automo- bile industry) and hollywood (the centre of the us film industry). the usa has an academy of sciences. there are many scientific institutions, museums, libraries, theatres and other interesting places in the usa. it is a highly developed industrial country. the usa is rich in mineral re- sources, such as aluminium, salt, zinc, coppers, and others. the country is rich in coal, natural gas, gold and silver, too. it holds one of the first places in the world for the production of coal, iron, oil and natural gas. such industries as machine-building and ship-building are highly developed there. american agriculture produces a lot of food products: grain, fruit and vegeta- bles. the usa is a federal republic, consist- ing of fifty states. each of these states has its own government. congress is the american parliament which consists of two chambers the president is the head of the state and the government. he is elected for parties in the usa. they are the demo- cratic party (organized in the 1820s) and the republican party (organized in the 1850s). переведите текст.
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