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Вопросы по предметам


2 read the text and decide which answer (a, b or c) best fits each gap.

amanda’s favourite books
amanda really enjoys reading (0) b stories because she thinks they are exciting. during her (1) when she was about 10 or 11 years old, she read more than 100 stories like these! when her mother (2) how many books she was reading every week, she started buying her more books. every night after she finished her homework, amanda (3) from the living room and read a book in her bedroom. she never thought (4) playing with friends or watching tv. she only wanted to (5) the amazing adventures that were in her books.

amanda’s favourite stories are the harry potter books. the characters go to
(6) and exciting lands. she has all of these books. she asked (7) one every birthday. she also really likes the book alice in wonderland. some of the characters in that book are quite funny and it makes her (8) every time she reads it.

she doesn’t like (9) stories because she thinks aliens and spaceships are boring. last week, amanda read a ghost story, but for a week after she was
(10) that there were ghosts in her bedroom!

3 choose the correct word.

0 did you talk to / at simon about the books?
1 is that the new adventure story you were talking for / about?
2 the boy hid when he saw a strange man in the distance / map.
3 a lot of science fiction books have stories about spaceships / ghosts.
4 wendy screamed when she saw somebody looking / hiding in the garden.
5 did you talk at / to your teacher about visiting the library?
6 clare was laughing at / in harry’s joke when she fell.
7 the ghost disappeared / replied through the wall into the next room.
8 she was looking at / to some old photos when the phone rang.

4 circle the word that doesn’t belong.

0 treasure gold crew
1 joke game door
2 happy sad worried
3 shout scream talk
4 rain appear shine
5 strange normal usual
6 unfortunate dusty damp
7 hear smell blow

5 put the verbs into the past simple or past continuous to complete the text.

ben’s ghost
something terrible (0) happened (happen) to ben one cold, rainy night. he
(1) (watch) tv in the living room when he heard a sound. he
(2) (get) up from his chair and went to look. when he looked into his bedroom, he (3) (not/see) anything strange – it was the same as always. but while he (4) (look) into the room, he noticed a face in the window. it was the face of a young girl.

what (5) (she/do) out there in the cold? he
(6) (start) to walk towards the window. suddenly, the girl
(7) (disappear). ben (8) (leave) his bedroom right away, thinking he saw a ghost. while he was in the living room, he
(9) (discover) two small damp places on the floor. then he realised something horrible. the young girl (10) (not/stand) outside anymore. she was inside the house!

6 complete the text with one word in each gap.

love story
paula (0) was quite sad yesterday. she (1) reading a love story when she came to a part in which something terrible happened. the man told the woman that he (2) not love her anymore. he loved someone else. the woman started (3) cry loudly. (4) paula continued reading the story this morning, she discovered the reason. doctors told the man that he was very ill. he didn’t tell the woman (5) he didn’t want her to be sad.

7read the text and decide which answer (a, b or c) best fits each gap.
space adventure
after many months, the spaceship (0) b close to a new planet. captain spark told his crew to get ready. ‘(1) down, everyone. we’re landing in five minutes.’ as the ship was getting closer to the alien planet, the captain (2) something quite strange. there was no land, only water. the captain immediately decided (3) the spaceship. he (4) the ship’s computer to make a map of the planet, to see if it could find land. (5) he was looking at the map, the captain became very worried. there didn’t seem (6) any land at all!
then, one of the crew members suggested (7) over the planet. maybe there was some other place to land that they couldn’t see. as they were flying over the water, the captain saw something (8) out of the water very slowly. it was a large building – big enough to land on. the crew landed the ship and waited. after three hours, two aliens (9) . they said to the crew, ‘we have no place on our planet for land lovers like you. (10) home! ’